Technology - Men have become the tools of their tools.

A sudden burst of insight, brighter than the sun itself, somehow pushed back the coming dark days of relying on yourself, meeting people face to face and actually getting out into the world. 

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
Albert Einstein

Thinking on it there seems to be something strangely biblical about modern tech.  The first bite of the APPLE, the resulting  loss of purity. Jobs taking on the role of Moses leading his people through a number of hard years with the Egyptians (Microsoft) on their heels.  Retreating from the people, having a think on things then coming down from the mountain and holding a sTone slAB. The IPod taking on the role of David defeating the Goliath Zune.

But there seems to be something going on in time and space – and beyond time and space – that is slowly dwindling the human race into mindless automatons.  We rejoice so in our cleverness and techno savvy that we become hard and unkind and ultimately desensitized to the happenings in world that surrounds us.

And thinking back now on all my travels – which are far from over – I distinctly and incredibly vividly remember watching a hanging take place.  The name of the city escapes my Swiss cheese brain but what shall never be forgotten is that day. I could accept the hanging as the final result.  I’ve seen death’s embrace take my friends, family and I could absolutely understand the finality of it. What struck me as sickening was the crowd’s reaction to it. The laid back attitude, eating crisps and gulping down Fanta some even cheering was the thing that caused many sleepless nights.

Children – some children – lack the capacity for original thought. Imagine it as a rainbow consisting of only one colour. It’s not that the colours aren’t there but they lack the imagination to see them. They’ll amaze you, absolutely astonish you with the cold hard facts that they can remember but ask them to give their own opinion on things and then their brains seize up....DANGER!! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!....

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke

So who is to blame? The parents – yup...absolutely, no doubt whatsoev...uhhh...mmmm. Well, I mean, parents work hard to provide the modern day luxuries we all enjoy.  They have social, ethical, emotional, familial and financial responsibilities. So is it fair to blame them? 

What about technology itself? Yes. Right lets blame that.  While we are at it let’s blame bullets for shooting people, the moon for tidal waves, the sun for the harshness of the desert and old man time for coming for us all.

So the only ones left to blame are the children themselves. Okidoki, lets unload it all on them.  They can spare a moment or two and take on some extra baggage.  Going to school, worrying about grades, worrying about friends, social standing, family life, hormones and sport just isn’t enough.

The simple truth is. We are all to blame. As such we all need to start making a few changes.

Now only if I had a clue as to how to start doing that we’d be all set.

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  1. I'v seen it happen more and more where two people, boyfriend and girlfriend, are out for the night, sitting in a restaurant and both of them so focused on the cellphones in front of them they ignore each other completely. Whether we want to accept it or not, people are social creatures and we need sociablility to continue our humanity. Staring at a screen diminishes your ability to communicate effectively, as has been proven. Facebook causes depression - proven as well. The more 'social' you are on screen the less you are in person.