World - The Red Sea Invasion

Is China taking over the world?

Approximately ¾ of the world is either indebted to or employed by China, whether they know it or not.  I cite Greece as an example where the country is unable to repay the debt and eventually needs to declare bankruptcy as a means of finance control. 
So what? You ask. Why should I care, doesn’t affect me. Sorry to pop your dream bubble my friend but it does.  China wants their money back...fair enough, wouldn’t you?...but they can’t get it back from the Greeks so now they have to up the interest rate on all their other loans.  So America, for example, now has an interest rate of 15%; formerly 10%; annually[i].  That means taxes go up and my blood pressure...and who pays the taxes?  Get it now?

China Wholesale,
China is incredibly efficient when it comes to mass production and fabrication.  They own massive amounts of property all over the world.  Some countries have taken notice and mandated that foreigners may not own land in their countries.  Chinese babies are up for adoption and millions of couples the world over have adopted Chinese children. 

The babies up for adoption are usually females.  Chinese parents prefer boy births.  Boys have a higher earning and job placement potential than girls in Chinese culture.  China also restricts couples to one child per household due to too many people and not enough space.  Whether that’s right or not is beyond the scope of this article and requires deep introspective thinking before one can even contemplate taking on that particular challenge.

China in History,
China present is way ahead of other countries in respects to technologies.  China past had been methodically ruled by a long line of Emperors who held the power of life and death in the palm of their hands.  The populace were even forbidden to write down the name of the Emperor without making certain changes to the lettering.  Chinese families raised their children with a sense of family honour, meaning that if a child acted inappropriately then shame would be visited unto their families.  You sat at the table in order of importance, usually decided by the host.  Those most important held a position close to the host and the further away you got then the more useless you were. 

China in Tech,
For those of you who know what lanthanides are...good for you.  For the rest of us it’s called rare earths and it is 15 elements that form the top line of the bottom block of the periodic table labeled with numbers 51 to 71.  What matters is that these elements are quite difficult to find but they are extremely important in modern technology (mobile phones, sonar systems, U.A.V, Missiles, wind turbines, solar panels, you get the idea).  China controls 97% of these resources.  Can you imagine if they locked it down?  The day the earth stood still indeed.

[i] 10% & 15% only used as example. 

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  1. As put so eloquently by Learn Chinese now, they're gonna own us anyway.