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I find it baffling, distasteful and even disgusting how two faced people can be. People who will say one thing to you and something completely different to someone else have the moral character of a snake and should be regarded with just as much suspicion.

Life is about change.  Change is progress.  That is not to say that change is always good but it is still progress.  If you continually bend your will for the sake of others then what are you worth at the end of the day?

People will be nice, friendly and easy to communicate with one on one.  A free exchange of ideas without the threat of persecution is the ideal bond of friendship.  But come the crowd and that same person who you thought was a friend turns their backs on their own values simply for the sake of something as arbitrary and useless as popularity.

If you find that your chosen circle of friends need you to succumb to whatever they deem as socially accepted behaviour then get yourself some new friends and quick.

It is the curse of being young that you need to find your footing in the often difficult to navigate world of angst and hormones.  That is why friendship is so important.  A friend needs to challenge you.  This is more often than not infuriating and clashes occur even among the best of friends. 

Everyone is different sometimes the difference is subtle most times it is not but it is those differences that make you strong.  Where would the world be if we didn't have differences?  If we didn't have people who felt that they need to question the status quo the world would never evolve, never change and be utterly boring. 

Finding your own way...the TAO of YOU as it phenomenally difficult.  We are all shaped by choices, environment and circumstances but that is really no excuse for anything. 

If you want to be popular then power to ya brotha.  But betraying everyone around you including yourself is not the way man.  Popularity is subjective even at the best of times.  Remember that all those people you screw over to get to the top will drag your ass down and keep it there when you stumble.

Popular is about being sure of yourself.  Being open and friendly to those around you and helping those that need it.  It is not about living a turncoat lifestyle.  Attaching yourself to someone like vine up a wall will keep you from ever being able to reach your potential.  When that wall crumbles it’ll take you with it. 

If you want people to see you differently then become the person you want to be.  Don’t go around acting nice for one then gossip behind their backs to another.

Never betray those around you and always believe in yourself otherwise even in a crowded room you’ll perpetually stand alone.

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  1. Nice job, dude. You captured the idea succintly.